W70Cu30 Copper tungsten rod/plate/disc/ring tungsten copper alloy

Specification of W70Cu30 Copper tungsten rod

【Item】 W70Cu30 Copper tungsten rod


【Specification】According to the customer’s drawings


【Brand】HAO Carbide

【Country of Origin】ZhuZhou,China


Why choose Copper Tungsten products?

Copper tungsten alloy (W-Cu) is a composite of tungsten and copper which own its excellent performance of tungsten and copper.

Copper tungsten may be used as an electrical contact material. In the most severe applications associated with power generation and transmission, the switch may be totally immersed in oil. In these cases, there is no advantage in using tarnish-resistant silver-based materials, as oxidation is prevented by the exclusion of air. Copper tungsten contacts are widely used in these cases, the selection of the grade used is dependent on the relative importance of conductivity and arc resistance.


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Application Tungsten copper rod products:

Widely used in military high-temperature resistant materials, electrical alloys for high voltage switches, electrical machining electrodes, and microelectronic materials, as parts and components. Such as aerospace, aviation, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, sports equipment, and other industries.

Characteristics of Tungsten copper products:
1. Uniform microstructure, high-temperature resistance, high strength, arc ablation resistance, and high density.
2. Good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.
3. Good arc-breaking performance and low thermal expansion.

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Copper tungsten rod Copper tungsten rod


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