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1. For punching molds. It is suitable for the production of punching copper, aluminum, stainless steel, cold rolled sheet, EI film, Q195, SPCC, silicon steel, hardware, standard parts, upper and lower punch and other high-speed mold and multi-station into the mold.
2. For the production of wear-resistant tools. Such as woodworking industry tools, plastic crushing tools.
3. For the production of high temperature parts, wear parts, anti-shielding components. Such as machine guide, ATM anti-theft board.
4. Used in the production of chemical industry corrosion-resistant parts.
5. Radiation Anticorrosive Materials for Medical Devices.
6. Different purposes of the performance of cemented carbide sheet is not consistent, should be used in accordance with the appropriate use of appropriate materials carbide plates.
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Tungsten carbide blockTungsten carbide block

Tungsten carbide blockTungsten carbide block

Properties and applications of tunqsten carbide strips

ISO CODEK10K10K20K10~K20K20~K30
CO (%)6681510
WC (%)9494928590
DENSITY (G/cm3)14.914.914.714.514.45
T.R.S (Mpa)21501850240023502400
Hardness (HRA)909289.59291.5

GRADEProperties and Applications
JZ6Good wear resistance, used for hard wood, used for processing original wood, aluminum setion bar, brass rod and cast iron.
JZ6AHas wear resistance higher than YG6, used for processing hard wood, original wood, aluminum setion bar, brass rod and cast iron.
JZ8Used for punch dies, stamping dies and wear resistance parts.
JZ2TFine carbide, high wear resistance, high bending strength, high resistance to bonding, high thermal strength. Machining of refractory alloys, stainless steel and high manganese steel, etc.
JZ10.2It suitable for making low and medium speed electronic class level dies, also applying in punching copper or aluminum strip.

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