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Molybdenum Bars/RodsMolybdenum Bars/Rods

Molybdenum Bars/RodsMolybdenum Bars/Rods

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Classification of  molybdenum rods

Types of molybdenum crucibles: Machined crucibles, sintered crucibles, spun crucibles, stamped crucibles, etc.
Classification by material
Classification by surface condition
①Pure molybdenum rods: molybdenum content greater than 99.95%.
①Sintered molybdenum rods: silver grey metallic lustre on the surface.
②High temperature molybdenum rods (molybdenum-lanthanum alloy rods): containing 0.4~1.2% lanthanum, molybdenum content is the
residual amount except impurities.
②Wrought molybdenum rods: with a layer of oxide on the surface and a black surface.
③Turned molybdenum rods: metallic lustre on the surface, flat and rough.
③TZM molybdenum rods: 0.4~0.6Ti, 0.07~0.12Zr, 0.01~0.05C.
④Brushed molybdenum rods: silvery grey metallic lustre with a smooth surface and small dimensional errors.

Introduction to molybdenum rods

Molybdenum rods have a high melting point, good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion properties. At high temperatures, they can resist oxidation and have high strength. Molybdenum rods can be used in the manufacture of electric vacuum devices and electric light source components, as well as high temperature heat emitters and high temperature structural components, electrodes, etc..

Production process of molybdenum rods

forming, sintering, pendant forging, machining

Applications for molybdenum rods

①For the manufacture of electric vacuum devices and electric light source parts. ② Suitable for processing ion implantation type parts. ③Used as high temperature heat generators and high temperature structural parts. ④Used as an electrode for furnaces in the glass and refractory fibre industries, working in molten glass at 1300°C with a long life. ⑤Used as an electrode in the rare earth industry.

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