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Product Paramenters

Use: Cemented carbide jaw plate is used for crushing on the crusher, mainly used in the polysilicon industry, there is no pollution to polysilicon.
Characteristics: Cemented carbide material has high hardness, high wear resistance, long service life, high purity, no pollution, and no influence on the products.
Crushing principle: the moving jaw plate and static jaw plate extrusion to crush the stone.

Jaw crusher components: fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate, frame, upper and lower guard plate, adjusting seat, movable jaw pull rod, etc.


Jaw crusher is the leader of the crushing industry, it is an international common crushing equipment, the mainstream jaw crusher models are: PE400×600 jaw crusher, PE500×750 jaw crusher, PE600×900 jaw crusher (also called 69 broken), PE900×1200 jaw crusher, and so on. which have a wide range of uses!

The type is divided into:

The jaw plate and side guard, fixed jaw, and movable jaw both consist of the jaw bed and jaw plate, jaw plate is the working part, fixed on the jaw bed with bolt and wedge iron. The jaw bed of the fixed jaw is the front wall of the frame, and the jaw bed of the movable jaw is suspended on the circumference, which should have enough strength and rigidity to withstand the crushing reaction force, and thus most of them are cast steel or cast iron parts.

Origin: for jaw crusher tooth plate parts, people used to choose high manganese steel material to manufacture. In the strong impact of high-stress chiseling wear conditions, high manganese steel wear resistance and strength are not enough, the current carbide material used to make a new type of jaw crusher plate is a more ideal choice, tungsten steel material used in the jaw crusher jaw plate, service life than the high manganese steel jaw plate to improve several times.

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Carbide Jaw plateCarbide Jaw plate

Carbide Jaw plateCarbide Jaw plate

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Carbide Jaw plate DescriptionCarbide Jaw plate Description

Carbide Jaw plate DescriptionCarbide Jaw plate Description

Carbide Jaw plate DescriptionCarbide Jaw plate Description

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